Race Report – Logan Huff Pro ATV Summer Report, Back To Racing!

Race Report – Logan Huff Pro ATV Summer Report, Back To Racing!

If you don’t remember, I started to experience shoulder dislocations in September of 2021, I continued racing because I was still in a good position for championship points. Well, it wasn’t working out so I decided to get my Labrum arthroscopically repaired that November and regroup for 2023.


After continuous training and physical therapy, I was cleared to start riding in April! I went back to WORCS in May and I pulled off a 5th out of 8. I noticed I lost my intensity and it took me most of the first half of the 90 minute race to get back up to speed again. I then decided it’s very important to get as much racing experience as possible during the WORCS summer break.


Next on the list was GNCC Snowshoe in West Virginia. A big trip and a very sporadic decision, but the owner of WORCS sent Travis Damon and I out to GNCC to show some WORCS presence and see what the woods are all about! We drove 45 hours one way from Lake Havasu City and the Snowshoe experience was insane. The chaos on the track made it so much fun. The whole experience was great and I had an absolute blast feeling like a beginner rider all day! I signed up XC2, got stuck in a mud hole on my 3rd lap. I got out after about 10 minutes or maybe even longer. I finished 11th in XC2 and 63rd overall. Not very good, but considering my first ever woods race, I was just happy to have survived the Snowshoe track. Big respect to the GNCC racers!! I have a whole new outlook on the woods racing discipline.


I then went to Quadcross NorthWest to get some Moto in! I raced two classes both days(Pro, and Pro-am). On Saturday in Pro I went 2-5 for 4th overall. Pro-am, went 6-1 for 3rd overall. That Sunday in Pro I went 2-3 for 3rd overall. Pro-am I went 1-1 for the overall on the day. Great seat time! Nice to get on a motocross track!


Following that weekend was the GBC 10 Hour Heartland Challenge!! Such a gnarly race. I two man teamed it with Alex Ortiz and I’m still impressed and very proud of the ride we both put in on the day. We rode 3rd overall and 3rd in Pro until the 7th hour, then we just started to fall off pace and fell back to 5th overall and 4th in Pro by the checkers after 10 hours. We both rode 5 hours each, and put in a valiant effort. If it’s in the cards next year, I’m going to shoot for this one again.


After that, I hit the first ever Outlaw Series West round 1! There wasn’t a crazy turnout for Pro Quad, but everyone that was watching the motos enjoyed watching me ride!! As weird as that is to say, not often people get to watch a quad throw down! I got a lot of positive feedback in the pits at this one. I plan to hit this full series and try it out.


I totally forgot while I was typing this, Triston Powell and I teamed up for the 3 round of the MRAN Summer Night Series as well(There were 4 rounds total, but only 3 permitted quad classes). We won every round and got into the overall mix every race with the Pro Bike guys. The night races were fun! Something else to keep me a little busier! Triston Powell was the rider of record, but we got him the #1 plate at MRAN for next year!


Last but not least is WORCS Idaho!! What a race!! Travis Damon and I duked it out the whole race! I made a mistake on the last lap while leading, and he got around me on the outside!!! I got desperate two turns before the finish, trying to force a pass for the win, but I tipped the quad over. Of course Beau just went right around me at that point! lol. Luckily, the three of use put a minute and a half on 4th place back and I was able to get rolling quick enough to roll through the finish and salvage the 3rd spot on the podium. I’m very much a contender to be a winner at WORCS in the ProATV Class. The work I’ve done over the summer has proven itself. I plan to keep this all rolling and be a contender for the 2023 WORCS Pro ATV Championship.


Crazy how an injury can take you out of the mix for two years! But let me tell you, it’s good to be back at it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t plan to stop racing ATVs at the highest level anytime soon, and I thank you for sticking with me. I couldn’t keep my program rolling without everyone’s help. It all goes a long way. Thanks again.


Logan Huff



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