Race Report – Beau Baron Clinches 10th WORCS Pro ATV Championship and

Race Report – Beau Baron Clinches 10th WORCS Pro ATV Championship and Wins SxS Pro WORCS Mesquite MX – Round 9

Atascadero, CA - Beau Baron clinched his 10th WORCS Pro ATV Championship at Mesquite MX, by earning his seventh win of the season. Baron also secured the Pro Production SXS Win in only his second race in the new Polaris Pro R he built over the WORCS summer break.


Mesquite MX played host to WORCS ATV and SXS for the weekend sporting its usual mix of motocross track, large hill climbs, and sandy offroad that snaked through the trees and across farm fields. This year’s course had the “pro section” for the Pro ATV race with several tractor tires racers had to climb over or take a longer by bypass. 


In Pro ATV race, Baron once again, grabbed the holeshot with his Sparks engine and CST Tires earning the Eliminator/JSR Deaigns holeshot award. He held the lead for several laps before dropping back to second place in lap six, when he was forced to use the tire promsection’s bypass option because a lapped rider was stuck in the single lane through. He lost valuable time, while second place was able to sneak through just as the other rider got free. Baron came out of the section at a 20second disadvantage and put down some of his fastest laps of the race to catch and pass 2nd place to regain the lead two laps later.  Baron held on through the rough course to secure the win and seal the deal on his 10th championship.


“I am super sore right now and as a whole I’m super happy with the year.” said Baron. “We came out swinging at round one and we did it again.” Baron went on to say “I was hoping to have a perfect season before I retired, it hasn’t happened yet though.” As of now, he will be back for another try at it in 2023.


In SXS Production, Baron clinched a round win making this his third victory for the year in the SXS. Baron had nothing but good things to say about his Polaris Razor Pro R. Finding the pace and having his ELKA suspension dialed in by Doug Roll on his Pro R was key to his win. 


“I got that thing and now have only raced two rounds of WORCS, so winning this one is huge for me.” expressed Baron.“A couple of guys may have been going faster than me, but you know there was a pace that you had to drive, so you didn’t break the equipment.” Baron reported. “It was still a really good round for me.” He said.


The WORCS season finale is going to be extra special with a $10,000 Huevos Reunion race being held Friday night before the Pro ATV race on Sunday, and Baron will be going up against the fastest racers from all over the country, which will make for exciting season finale at Buffalo Bill’s on November 4-6th.


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