Race report - 72h de Pont de Vaux - Back on the podium

Race report - 72h de Pont de Vaux - Back on the podium

This weekend was the 35th edition of the 72h of Pont de Vaux. The PSR-BY RAPPORT team entered 4 official machines with 12 riders of 6 different nationalities.


Crew #4 in second position

Crew #4 finished 7th during the qualifications and then won the 1st round. They then set the best time in the second heat and took two Holeshots. Crew #4 composed of Christopher Tvearen, Patrick Turini and Harry Walker finished in second position at the end of the 12 hours race. A great performance for these young drivers.


The 100% Belgian crew #8 finishes 13th

The Belgian crew consisting of Michel Shelfhout, Dirk Shelfhout and Stefan Shelfhout finished in 24th place during the qualifications, then climbed up the ranking by finishing the first race in 8th position, then 18th during the second race. They will finish the last race in 17th position.


The French team #26 finishes 11th

Author of a good beginning of race, the team composed of Jean-marie Bernede, Alexandre Julien and Théo Gourmaud finishes 12th during the 1st heat then 15th during the second heat in spite of a fall which will damage their quad and which will make them lose precious minutes in the pits. This crash does not discourage the pilots who are placed in 7th position for the last round


The crew #79 finishes 15th

During the 1st round the crew #79 composed of Guillem Ullastres, Davino Bruneel and Pierre Yves Lardellier finished in 5th position, then in 6th position during the second round. They finished the 3rd round in 45th position after a crash in the night round which damaged their quad and made them take the 15th position in the final ranking.


The PSR-By Rapport team would like to thank all the people present in the stand during this weekend for their precious help. We also thank our partners for their commitment.


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