Elka’s at the 2022 SEMA Show

Elka’s at the 2022 SEMA Show

From November 1st to 4th, the Elka Suspension team was at the SEMA Show in the wonderful Las Vegas area to take part in the mythical automotive show. We had the chance to speak with Jean-François Leclair, Elka’s Director of Sales and Marketing, who attended this eventful week. Here is a short summary of what he had to say.

What is the SEMA Show?

The SEMA Show is the largest and most recognized show in the automotive world. Each year more than 160,000 people come to meet the different actors of the industry and discuss with other enthusiasts. It is more than 2500 exhibitors who come to present all their products and their novelties for the year 2022 and for the year to come. It is an event of incredible magnitude which gives an important visibility to the companies which decide to take part in it.

How did the week go?

The week went extremely well for the Elka team. We met a ton of customers, buyers and even other producers, but most of all, passionate people with whom to discuss everything that’s going on in the industry. The whole team was completely overwhelmed by the scale and vibrancy of the event and the people who took part in it. With the economic uncertainty in which we currently find ourselves, it’s good to see that the automotive community is still standing together. All positive things to take away from our week in Nevada.

Why is it important for Elka to be at the SEMA Show?

Some may wonder why Elka wanted to be at the 2022 SEMA Show. The answer is simple. Despite more than 20 years in the motor sport shock absorber business, Elka is a relatively newcomer to the truck and Jeep business. We believe strongly in our product and want to appear at events of this scale to establish Elka as a major player in the truck and Jeep industry. In addition, as we are always looking to improve our product line to meet your needs, the SEMA Show is a great environment to meet with fans of the sport, discover new products, stay on top of trends and continue to improve our products to become a major player in the market.

After this eventful week, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

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